Kienlen Installing Teleplatforms at Tinker

Working as a subcontractor to CTi/Amova, Kienlen Constructors recently completed erection of the 12th and final Teleplatform at the Tinker KC 46A 2- Bay Maintenance Hanger in Oklahoma City, OK.

What are Teleplatforms?  They are a telescoping mast equipped with a working platform that is suspended from a special overhead crane trolley.  Primarily used in aircraft hangers and aircraft manufacturing facilities because of their ability to access any part of a plane’s fuselage while keeping open access to the floor below, teleplatforms can be used in any area of the hanger located underneath the crane tracks.  Maintenance personnel lower the platform to the floor, enter and then can move to the required position on the aircraft in 4-D mode (3 linear and 1 rotational axis).

The KC 46A Maintenance hanger project is a JV between Walsh and Alberici.  Based in Luxembourg, teleplatform manufacturer CTi had asked members of the Walsh Federal Alberici JV team if they knew of any contractors with rigging, steel erection and overhead crane installation experience that may be able to support their platform installation.  Team members mentioned that Kienlen was experienced in all aspects of this work and was already on site installing 17 service monorails as a subcontractor to the JV.  The Kienlen millwrights and ironworkers quickly impressed CTi management with their professionalism and skill and were able to shave several weeks off the original installation schedule.

WFAJV and Kienlen team members include David Mayberry, Jeff Phelps, Patty Plunkett, Derrick Richardson, Glenn Bragg, James Beatty and Carlos Freeman.