Finished Goods Building Addition

St. Louis, Missouri


Italgrani U.S. Durum Milling

Project Detail

500 CY Concrete

Project Detail

4,700 LF Welding

Kienlen constructed a 15,650-square-foot, 6-story addition of the finished goods building at Italgrani’s U.S. Durum Milling plant. The project included 12 drilled piers into bedrock, concrete foundations, erection of 1,500 pieces of structural steel, and installation of 16 tanks, each standing 47 feet tall and measuring 11 feet in diameter. The plant, which is one of the world’s largest single line durum wheat mills, remained in full operation during construction.

The new tanks were originally scheduled to arrive on site and installed directly. However, inclement weather, including ice, rain, and snow, impacted three of the four deliveries. Due to their wide-load status and the coinciding special permits necessary for transportation, rescheduling of the shipments was not an option. Drawing on the vast equipment resources of Kienlen’s parent company, flatbed trailers were immediately dispatched and staged on the job site. A company-owned semi-truck was brought to the site to shuttle the tanks to the trailers where they were stored until the steel was ready for installation.

Quick problem solving and deployment of Kienlen’s corporate resources helped prevent delays and additional costs to the owner.