Lock & Dam 25 – Gates & Service Bridge Painting and Repair

Winfield, Missouri


US Army Corps of Engineers

Project Detail

Three 100-foot Roller Gates

Originally constructed in 1939, Lock and Dam 25 is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Kienlen is performing major repairs and upgrades to 14 60-foot tainter gates, three 100-foot roller gates, and a service bridge on the 1,296-foot-long dam. The project allows the lock and dam to continue providing the safe transportation of more than 20 million tons of goods each year.

Structural gate repairs are performed while supported on a floating plant in the river, which is affected by variable water conditions and river traffic. The gates also feature a complex, five-part vinyl-based gate coating system that requires very specific ambient conditions and recoating intervals. Kienlen is also replacing crane rails and tainter gate lifting chains, installing electrical controls, and refurbishing operating equipment.

Kienlen is self-performing structural concrete placement, steel erection, equipment repair and installation, floating plant operations, and marine support. Key to project success is our parent company’s 10-acre port facility on the Mississippi River, which provides safe working areas for prefabrication of structural components and pre-assembly of materials prior to final installation.